Design Roots is seeking a full-time director of brand and business development to join our team, and to lead the strategy and execution of our continued growth of our business, our brand, and our reach in the luxury outdoor living space. This self-motivated, entrepreneurial individual will work with Design Roots’ founder and business partners to focus on: 

  • Our Business - collaborate across the market, current and new accounts, prospecting, and our affiliates to execute coordinated, focused campaigns that drive pipeline generation, maturation and revenue growth.

  • Our Brand - champion the Design Roots brand, voice, and messaging. Expand brand awareness. Inspire connections and sharing stories. Seek new channels to showcase our luxury outdoor spaces.

  • Our Reach  - partner with local and broader reaching affiliates, and to engage with the community and help our brand in the market. 

  • Media, Awards & Events - We use public channels to amplify Design Roots’ voice in Dallas and generate interest related to our offerings and products, brand culture, customer stories, and perspectives on outdoor living. We influence how the Design Roots brand shows up in the Dallas and neighboring communities, targeting specific audiences to expand awareness and encourage community engagement. 

  • Advertising & Sponsorship - We make strategic investments that are aligned with Design Roots’ values and our business strategy. We build brand awareness in Dallas, promote local go-to-market campaigns, support partner initiatives, and drive community engagement.

Near term goals for this individual are:

  • Elevate the brand - Raise awareness of the Design Roots brand in Dallas and neighboring communities; Influence perceptions of what our brand is known for in our market

  • Grow the Portfolio - Initiate and execute strategies to strengthen existing relationships; Institute models designed to drive growth and expand our reach

  • Attract Opportunities - Capitalize on market trends; Generate interest in local events and create qualified leads and partnerships


  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Background in sales, marketing, and/or business development in high-end showroom retail

  • Experience working in a creative field (architecture and design, outdoor living, landscape architecture) is a huge plus

  • Experience in social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook)

  • Experience working with e-commerce platforms (squarespace, shopify, mailchimp)

  • Experience with digital and print mediums

  • Computer fluency is a must – email, newsletters, client communications

Compensation for this role comprises a base + progressive tier commission (not capped). 

Applicants interested in this position should email their resumes to hello@designroots.com