You know the type… Loves to host parties. Loves to serve bountiful cheese boards. Knows that a manchego is best served with jamon.

So what to get the cheesenista in your life that will be the perfect gift for a cheese lover? We’ve answered this age-old question with suggestions below!

IMG_1275 2.JPG


13 out of 10 chance… your cheesenista is bored by their boards! Mix up your cheesenista’s inventory with a handcrafted board made of maple or walnut like these boards below.

For the true entertainer, a platter that can be used both indoors and outdoors is a perfect gift. This set of “melaboo” dishes (a composite blend of melanine + bamboo fibers) is ideal for outdoor use! It has the sophisticated look of ceramic, but comprised of a non-breakable, lightweight material that’s not going to shatter on a hard surface.


Every cheesenista likes to accent their boards with natural elements! Use disposable bamboo utensils for serving cheeses, nuts + fruits such as these ones below.

Every cheesenista, likes to use napkins with fun patterns to create the scene + mix up the vibe, so gift them some patterned napkins that they’ll love like the ones below.


No cheesenista has it all figured out! New cheeses from all over the world are created every day, so why not gift your cheesenista with the gift of knowledge? These books are a go-to guide on the world of cheese and cheese serving!

Snag any of the items above and your cheesenista will be in cheesedise this holiday season!