how to: style a stool

Something that we carry in our showroom, and use frequently on projects, are different types of garden stools. These decorative stools are so versatile on projects for their endless color options, shapes, sizes, and price points. There isn’t a space that we install that doesn’t have at least one of these little tables. Below are our top 3 uses for garden stools.

Grouping a few together not only creates visual appeal but can also replace the need for a coffee table. These little garden stools grouped together can add dimension, color and texture. You can put two together of the same color and size for a uniform look, mix up the sizes and colors for a little whimsy and/or pick the same material but change up the height. Possibilities are endless!

Another great way to use them is for decoration. We have a variety of stools in our showroom that we constantly move around for a pop of color, a place where we may need to display items and a spot for plants to land. Adding a potted plant (that may go unnoticed on the floor) to a garden stool automatically draws attention and visual interest.

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And as they’re most known for, we use them as a side table in any seating arrangements. A spot to place your drink, book or even feet as you are lounging outside. They are a great way to add furniture without it being too large for the space you are working with!

The opportunities are endless when it comes to using these stools. If you’re looking for where to get some, look no further than our showroom! Need help figuring out what would look best in your outdoor living area? We offer multiple types of design services to fit you and your space. Heather has an eye like no other and would love to help you with your design.

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