Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

Right now, the fiddle leaf fig is a hot commodity. Everyone everywhere is getting one and using it to decorate, but not a lot of people know how to properly care for these trendy trees. We have two of these beauties in our showroom and studio. One is absolutely thriving and one may or may not be coming back from the dead. This just goes to show that there really is a right way and a wrong way to caring for these plants.

fig tree graphic.jpg

The fiddle leaf fig tree, also known as the ficus lyrata comes all the way from the jungles of West Africa. They start off small, just like every plant, but they can grow to become over 6 feet tall. When properly cared for, they can grow a couple of feet every year. One last fact about this beloved large leafed plant is that those lovely large leaves are toxic to animals. If you have a dog or cat that gets into everything, you may want to invest in a fake tree.

Now let’s dig into the proper ways to care for the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Let’s talk sun. Just like you and me we need vitamin D from the sun, and this plant loves to soak up the sun too. It’s best to have the tree near an east facing window to ensure that it gets plenty of that filtered sunlight. Every few months, we would recommend turning the tree so that all sides of the tree can get the sun. Another important note is the necessity of wiping down the leaves maybe once a week so that the leaves can absorb as much sun as possible. Their large leaves are a great place for dust to settle, so when you’re wiping down your table tops and other dusty places, get your tree in on the action too!

Besides the sunlight, the other most important factor when caring for your tree is water. There are ways to over water and underwater and we are here to tell you how to notice the symptoms of both, and also how to cure it!

Knowing when to water is always something that people struggle with, as well asknowing how much. You will want to wait until the top inch of soil is dry before you water. Also, fiddle leaf figs like to be thoroughly watered but they don’t like to sit in it, so it’s important to ensure that the water has filtered through the plant and is not sitting in it’s container.

A sign that you are over watering your tree is that the leaves will develop brown spots around the edge and all throughout. The soil will also be quite damp and maybe even have a bit of an unpleasant odor.

A sign that your tree is under watered is if the leaves get brown around the edges and throughout, and also may start to develop holes throughout them.

If these problems are left unchecked, your trees leaves may begin to be holey.

There are a few other things to take into consideration when caring for your tree. Be sure to replant the tree into a larger planter once it begins to grow more than a few feet. Cramming the tree into a little pot will not lead it to thrive. Also, if bugs begin to collect on the underside of the leaves, grab a warm wet cloth with a little soapy water and wipe down all of the leaves. If that doesn’t do the trick, head to your local garden specialist for advice.

We hope you love your fiddle leaf figs as much as we do!